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Report for repeated Offenders

Hi All

I am in need to create report for Servers which has breached the threshold most number of times in last week and contributed more number of alerts

Parameters like CPU,Memory and Disk should be considered for this report

can anyone suggest me how can i achieve this

we have NPM 12.2 in our environment

Thanks in advance

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The easiest way to do this would be to report on the alert. And then group by 'alert' and list the nodes effected in ascending/descending order with a count as one of the column. So it would look something like

Alert Type: Node Down

Time Period: Past 7 Days

Server A: 7 times down

Server B: 5 times down

Router A: 2 times down

Alert Type: High CPU

Time Period: Past 7 Days

Server C : 3 times


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Like this idea.

Is it possible you could show a screenshot of a report writer configuration for this report, or perhaps give a few steps of how to create it?

I want to do a similar thing but with disk space alerts, so we can weed out the repeat offenders which we spend time clearing down space over and over.


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This is the right track,  I have a report on the number of times an object has triggered a specific alert that I will post when I land.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Request you to please share, how we can track multiple alerts triggered for same object, I would like to have that report for my client...

I am using NPM & NCM 2019.4 only Cisco Switches


Nasim Khan

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