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Report: Showing number of wireless sessions for a given time frame

I am trying to find or create a report that will show me the number of unique wireless sessions for a given time frame (7 days, last month, etc)

Our Library is required to provide this kind of statistical reporting for certification with the state library board.

I have located client counts, but this still does not show a true representation of total number of sessions.

Our access points are Cisco LWAPs, controlled by a Cisco Wireless controller.

We are trying to avoid the expense of implementing Cisco Prime.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 15

Try this SQL query with new web based reporting:

SELECT n.Location

       , wlap.Name

         , Clients.Dat

          , Clients.Clients


SELECT wlh.NodeId AS NodeId

     , wla.ID AS APId

     , Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((wlh.FirstUpdate) as Float)),0) AS Dat

        , COUNT(DISTINCT wlh.MACAddress) AS Clients

FROM Wireless_ClientsHistory wlh INNER JOIN

     Wireless_Interfaces wli ON (wlh.ParentIndex=wli.[Index] AND wlh.NodeID=wli.NodeID) INNER JOIN

     Wireless_AccessPoints wla ON (wli.ParentID = wla.ID)

WHERE wlh.FirstUpdate BETWEEN ${FromTime} AND ${ToTime}

  AND ISNULL(wlh.MACAddress,'') <> ''

GROUP BY wlh.NodeId

     , wla.ID

       , Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((wlh.FirstUpdate) as Float)),0)

) AS Clients

JOIN Nodes n ON (Clients.NodeId=n.NodeID)

JOIN Wireless_AccessPoints wlap ON (n.NodeID=wlap.NodeID AND Clients.APId=wlap.ID)

Instead of n.Location use whatever node custom property you want. In WHERE condition we use ${FromTime} and ${ToTime} macro, so date frame is taken from web report. You can add ORDER BY if needed.

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Level 7

Have you figured this one out yet? I have had the same request from our Library  We are running NPM 11.0 and any of the reports I found here are all older and the tables just don't match.

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