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Removing Custom Interface Bandwidth.


I had 2 interfaces on switch that I had set custom bandwidths to match the T1's they were connected to so I could monitor throughput on the T1.

We since changed our layout and I removed the Custom Bandwidth on those 2 interfaces by un-checking the Custom Bandwidth check box on the interface details.  Even though that box is un-checked, the interface is still reporting the bandwidth at 3.08Mbs.  The only way I can get it to accurately match the Configured Interface Speed is to set the Custom Interface bandwidth manually.

I saw that there were a few polling bugs with users SETTING a custom bandwidth, but did not find anything with regards to clearing a custom bandwidth.

I am running NPM 10.3.1

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Hi j1stio,

this problem was already fixed in 10.4.

Thanks for reporting,


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Is there a bandwidth statement set on the actual interface?

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If you are talking about the Cisco interface itself, no. 

As part of my testing, in orion, on the interface details, I changed the custom interface value to multiple settings, once the Use Custom check box is removed, what ever the last value was, is the value that seems to stick.

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You are absolutely correct. I just tried it and like you found, the last value sticks. I tried rediscovery, unmanage/remanage, poll now etc but nothing changed the value.

You should log a case for it.

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Great, thanks for validating. I will log a case and let you know.

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I have always just deleted the info in that field and it resets.  Is this not the case?

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If you once set the custom bandwidth and then you unchecked it as you did not want to use it anymore it stayed on the custom bandwidth until the interfacespeeed changes. This could be your case for NPM in version older than 10.4 where we fixed this. Custom bandwidth is overwritten by interfacespeed immediately the button is unchecked.

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That's correct. If you have a bandwidth statement, it will pick that up but otherwise it just retains what it had. So lets say you've got a 1Gb connection and you change the custom bandwidth to 100mb, the node will now show a connection of 100mb. Then if you disable custom bandwidth (by unticking the box), it stays at 100mb on the node connection.

But as mentioned by PavelSuchy, it looks like the next version does not have this issue.

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