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Level 14

Remove FQDN in alert message

Experts, is there a way to put in the nodename minus the FQDN in an alert message?

Original   -    Node is down. Please check.
To           -    Node abc is down. Please check.


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I don't know if this is still an issue for you all these years later . . .

If so, see if this document I created helps:

How to trim, remove, or truncate domain names discovered and displayed in NPM 11.5.2 and NCM 7.4

Swift Packets!

Rick Schroeder

Level 9

Assuming that the ${NodeName} macro is used. Removing ""  from the node caption should do the trick.

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Ok. This leads me to the next question.... if I have over 600 devices that the captions are FQDN either I have to manual tweak them all (which if there is an easy way then I will do it) or is there a way to strip off the FQDN prior to sendin the alert?