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Level 9

Regurarly Scheduled Maintenance Periods

I can't be the only one with this problem:  How do you set up regularly recurring maintenance periods (periods of unmanaged status)?

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Level 9

This is a really old school way of updating recurring task.  Its getting more difficult for me to do because the unscheduled task scheduler creates a executable file that gets blocked by our security teams endpoint security software.  So everytime I have to add a new recurring downtime I have to submit a ticket to the security team to run it, this is getting really old.  Please introduce this functionality into your UI soon.  When the task is blocked by endpoint security via task scheduler and the device alerts in the middle of the night I hear about it the next day!!

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Bumping this--it needs to be implemented and integrated with NPM's GUI.

Yeah this needs doing ASAP

I dislike doing this...


Level 16

There is always the Orion SDK option and running an external script to unmanage them. It's fairly easy and you have complete control over the whole process.

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How do you achieve the following:

1. Visibility at-a-glance of all configured schedules and affected nodes

2. Ability to delegate this to service desk, similar as simple unmanage/re-manage operation (otherwords, how do you make it simple and user friendly for most engineers)


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Using 3rd party automation tools and SDK scripts together. Not directly from Solarwinds. The people that do patching and upgrades at my place never touch Solarwinds directly but they wanted to be able to add/delete/unmanage nodes based on their own work flows. So if they want to take a node out of a rotation, unmanage it, install updates, upgrade software, restarts services, place back into rotation and then remanage it, its all done as a workflow.

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Exactly! You did it your own way, it works for you - great. The point here is - this needs to be out of the box feature so that we can all enjoy this workflow ... well, unless you fancy publishing a detailed article how to achieve this with SDK and 3rd party integration (including source code)


Check this out - this is related thread/idea. Please add your vote for this feature, I am sure you have landed on this page for a reason:

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Level 12

There is an "Unmanage Scheduling Utility" on the SolarWinds server. On my install the shortcut is on the Start menu under SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features.

To quote from the software:
What you can do with the Schedule Unmanage Utility:

  • Create a task to unmanage Orion® nodes, applications, and interfaces for a custom period of time. An unmanage task can be scheduled to run on a schedule.
  • Edit existing tasks to add or delete Orion objects or adjust the time period.
  • Why use this utility? If you have routine scheduled maintenance that happens once a week, you can have an unmanage task that runs at the same time. Selected Orion objects will be unmanaged and you won't receive alerts from them during this period of maintenance.
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Thanks for this.  I hadn't stumbled upon that.  And I appreciate your pointing it out to me.


But to Solarwinds I have to say:  This is one of the most bogus features of an NMS I have seen - a real hack job.  I have to go to two places to schedule this.  Length of time in the utility, time to start in Task manager, and yet another need for a login with a non-expiring password.  Plus, as far as I can tell, no way to easily see when regular maintenance windows are - something I think would be critical in a large systems environment - without getting one of the SQL guys to write a query.

Consider this a feature request.

I actually agree with you. It is doable and it does the job, but to be able to easily schedule periodic maintenance on the front end and be able to see all schedules and affected objects in one place would be an awesome addition

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If i add node in unmanage mode then it will stop accounting of node plus dependent application template right?

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