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Recurring maintenance mode for muting nodes for scheduling outages & KPI Reporting for availability

We've been using the unmanage utility to schedule our monthly maintenance windows. While this solution allows us to unmanage the systems and prevent alerts, this reduces the accuracy of the Availability reporting.

Even if we change each alert and define a schedule to disable each alert, this would prevent alert actions from occurring. However, we would still reduce the accuracy when reporting on node availability?

We want to know if there are other ways to schedule a recurring maintenance schedule, while retaining data for reporting availability and node statistics.

Additionally, if we were to upgrade to 2020.2.0.0 for our Solarwinds components, are there any new features that would allow us to define recurring maintenance windows to MUTE various nodes, maintaining accurate report data for node availability?

How can we report node availability accurately while still being able to define recurring maintenance windows?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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There is an idea out there that may help you if we can get Solarwinds to implement.