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Level 8

Question about Perfstack dashboard graph that went from smooth arcs to lots of spikes

Hello! We have a dashboard used to track active VPN connections.

About a month ago, the graphs became jagged with spikes and troughs.

We're trying to determine if there is a polling setting or something else that may have changed this.

I tried looking at different transforms but the graph but it still has all the spikes. You can see in the below image where the red circle is when the appearance changed.

It's not a huge deal, but it is a big enough change that we want to make sure that it is accurate data, and would be happy if we knew what setting caused this visual change. We doubt user activity fluctuations would create such a stark difference on each half of this graph. Thanks a lot for any advice! 





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Level 7

It's because of database retention. By default hourly statistics retention is 30 days. After that all statistics collected in the database are summarized into daily statistics.

The spike (last 30 days) is more accurate because its hourly statistics.

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