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Query for monitoring SMTP service status ( stop/Start) with NPM


hi everybody

i am in the critical situation.our Mdeamon server SMTP service is going to stop/start without any specific reason.

i need to received alert when it goes to stop.

would you please help me to make a trigger query in solar winds?

please find the attachment

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hello khnikoeizad,

It could be possible to do this with NPM however Server & Application Monitor is far more suited to this task.

On which platform is your mail application running? You will need SNMP enabled, you could also check vendor documentation to see if there is an OID available for monitoring the status of SMTP.

Have a look at the following video which explains how UNDP works

Universal Device Pollers (UNDP) - SolarWinds Training - Network Performance Monitor - Videos | Solar...



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Hi Tony

i am using NP
M 10.4

i do not have any idea about how can i do that.

Mail server : Mdeamon

i need to received alert when SMTP service on Mdeamon goies to stop

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Hello khnikoeizad<>,

The only option you have with NPM is to use the universal device poller.

What mail system are you using?

What platform is it running on?

Have you added the node in NPM? If so what polling method are you using? WMI or SNMP?

I would suggest downloading and installing an evaluation of Server & Application monitor, this is far more suited to your needs.



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Agreed. This is a very simple and straightforward task for Server & Application Monitor.  Just point, click, and start monitoring.


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dear Tony

appriciate to your quick response:

Mail Systeam : Mdeamon

Platform : Windows server 2008 X64

i added the node , but i need monitor the SMTP service status(stop &Start)

i didn't get your meaning about polling method.

i am fresh in using Solarwinds and it would be great full if you help me to step by step Monitoring Windows services ( i mean SMTP, or FTP that is in the services.msc)

actually i need to monitor Windows services,not server!

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In order to get the OID, each character in the name of the service you want to monitor is converted to a decimal ASCII number and appended to along with the number of characters in the service name you want to monitor. For example, there are 10 characters in solarwinds and consulting an ASCII table for the character values s=115,o=111,l=108,a=97,r=114,w=119,i=105,n=110,d=100,s=115. Putting all that together, the OID for solarwinds is

Ascii to decimal calculator

Once you have the OID you want to monitor, use the universal device poller and assign it to the node.

You can then create an alert based on a “Custom Device poller”

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When looking the node details page, what do you see under polling method? WMI or SNMP?

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