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Publish Variable Reference for NPM

Would be great if the variables that can be sued in various areas of NPM (HTML alerts, scripts etc.) could be published or exposed with the API for quick reference. For people like myself looking to automate things it would be a huge time saver, My current process is as follows:

  1. Create a dummy alert targeted at the entity under consideration e.g. Node
  2. In the message body add every single available variable from the uI

This is really time consuming 😐 Its 2020, come one! 🙂


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Thanks so much! I actually logged this to support and they said there was no such listing. Is this a complete listing do you know? That's why it would be so great to have a SWIS endpoint to list based on entity type. Thanks so much for this though, great help. 

Not sure if it's complete, to be honest. I found it a while back when I had the same kind of question.

Hope it helps!

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