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Problem Adding Cisco Switch 9200 to NPM using SNMPv3

When adding the node through SNMPv3 the test connection tests successfully but when I hit next it times out and the error  "currently down, unreachable, or provided credentials are not valid"

I have verified:
The connection is established
Traffic is permited
The switch configs are correct
The crednetials are correct

Attached is the snmpwalk

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This is the switch config

snmp-server group GROUP_SNMPV3 v3 priv access SolarWinds_SNMP
snmp-server trap-source GigabitEthernet0/0
snmp-server source-interface informs GigabitEthernet0/0
snmp-server location Bldg1_Room1
snmp-server host vrf Mgmt-vrf informs version 3 priv SW_User_v3

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I'm not seeing an "snmp-server user" line in your config.
You should create a user and make them a member of the group you already have

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Second this. Also check your firewall to validate it is passing traffic. 

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Sorry I did not include the snmp-server user, but this was created.  It doesnt show in when you do a show config but you can do show snmp user and I confirmed it is there. 


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