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Level 11

Possible NPM 11.5 Dependencies Bug

So I have noticed on a few occasions that there is a problem with dependencies. We have had a couple of times that during upgrades or replacements the 'Parent' object gets deleted. When going to update the dependency it disappears from the list of dependencies. If I try to recreate the dependency it will tell me that a dependency with that name already exists even though there is nothing in the list. I have to give it a new name to create it. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this also. I can see the dependency in the 'Dependencies Table' in the database, it is simply not being displayed on the settings page.

if you want to test this:

1) create a dependency

2) verify it is in the list

3) delete the parent

4) check the list again (dependency should disappear)

5) recreate dependency with the same name

6) see if error shows up.

Obviously the simple solution would be to replace the Parent before deleting the old Parent, but this still seems to be a bug to me.


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Level 12

I just ran into this, replaced a switch and both dependencies (router-switch and switch-nodegroup) dropped from the list, but I was not able to re-add them with the same name. Only problem I have run into so far since upgrading to 11.5.1

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Level 11

Ours didn't break during the upgrade. This just seems to be a bug I have noticed anytime an existing dependency gets changed.

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Level 12

All our dependencies for our Groups were broken after upgrading to NPM 11.5, I ended up just deleting the groups and dependencies and re-recreating them, wasn't worth the risk messing around after the first time when our alerting didn't work as expected (parent was in the group, went down, and never alerted). That worked for us as we only have about 5 groups defined, would hate to do that if you had dozens/hundreds of groups

Probably broken due to the change where in NPM 11.5 the Parent Node must be outside of the group (Child). In prior versions the parent node could be within the group.

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