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Ports to open between Orion and remote Windows Server Client Nodes

Hi Guys

We have quite a large SW server farm (20 x SW Pollers) tracking 10k + servers.

We have another 30 New Windows servers spread across 2 DCs equally.

We only want to monitor standard Up/DOWN, and All hardware (HDD, CPU, RAM, PSU, etc) alerting for now.

When running a Network Sonar Discovery I receive the following:

  • Unable to resolve: x.x.29.6.121
  • Unable to resolve: x.x.29.6.122
  • Unable to resolve: x.x.35.6.122
  • Unable to resolve: x.x.35.6.122
  • Unable to resolve: x.x.35.6.122
  • Etc Etc

And the the same message for all 30 IP addresses. However, I can ping (ICMP - CMD Prompt) from all Pollers to all 30 Windows servers.

Other than the standard ports 135, 161, 162, and 53, which other ports are required to be open between the Orion Server/ Poller and those 30 Windows Client Servers?

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Sounds like you’re getting stuck at creating a discovery is that right? If I’m reading this right you’re seeing an error for all the ‘IP Adresses’ you input saying unable to resolve: x.x.29.6.121

I’m not sure if that’s a typo in you post or not but x.x.29.6.121 has too many octets to be a valid ipv4 address. If it’s not recognizing the input as an ip address (possible typo or what have you..) then solarwinds will try name/dns resolution of those.

If it wasn’t a typo... some reading my help.

Good luck!!
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How are you monitoring the nodes?   

Via the Agent?

Linux - TCP port 22 for SSH for installation and SSH

Windows, TCP port 135, 445

Both - TCP port 17778 and 17790.

WMI - Lots of ports!

SNMP - UDP port 161/162




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