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Port Mode and Assigned VLANs Intermittently Display Data. Why?

I created a report that displays the port number, port mode, and vlan(s) for certain nodes I choose. The report works great, but the nodes are left out that I know should be included. When I looked into why, they do not display the port and vlan data and I don't know why.

I have been under the assumption that UDT is responsible for this port and vlan data since it is being called ports and not interfaces. Is this assumption correct and if not, is it NPM picking up this data? (We have both modules installed) I thought that perhaps the nodes that weren't showing vlan and port data didn't have their ports being monitored by UDT, but this isn't the case. Some of the nodes that are showing the data don't have their ports monitored and some do have them monitored. I made sure the nodes that weren't showing port/vlan data had their ports being monitored in UDT, however this hasn't added the data to them. The devices in question are D-Links with different sysoids. I've noticed that they display other types of UDT information regarding end user data.

I know from my research that no vlan/port data is showing up with this D-Link sysoid: (I get Unknown and NULL for port mode and VLANs for the one node that does have some data come up. I have way more nodes with this sysoid than the one node that displays data for me)

There are definitely others, but that is one that I have found.

So my questions are:

How can Port Mode and VLAN data be consistently discovered/obtained?

Are there certain known vendors/machine types/sysoids that don't work with displaying this data? If so, can this be fixed?

Is there something that I can do to get this data to consistently display?

Displaying this data correctly and consistently has become something that is pretty essential for me and I can't trust Solarwinds to provide it currently. It is super disappointing because this data is going to be extremely helpful.


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