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Polling and Alert configurations NOT in database?

I have just recently put Orion onto a new server to replace the current one. I have been able to create a new SQL database and then restore the database on the current server to the new one. However, on the new server when I go to its polling engine, it doesnt have any of the nodes or alerts setup. Are there other files that I need to move over or do I have configure all this again?
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Hey great! Thanks Don!
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Good question Ron.
Alerts within the Orion Version 8 Alert Engine are not longer Engine specific. They will no longer need to be migrated or copied between polling engines. Also, you can start muliple V8 Alert Engines running on multiple servers to provide load balancing and hot standby.

You can download a pre-release of the V8 Alert Engine from the "Additional Components for Orion" link within the Customer Area ( now.
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Thanks for your help Don! Hmm...I see it does get a little complicated.

Will the ability to copy alerts and alert actions be simplified in the new 8.0 alert engine?
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Alerts can easily be migrated between polling engines using the database manager. Copying or duplicating Alerts can be done using the Database Manager, but it gets a little more complicated.

Within the Alerts table, there is an EngineID field. This tells the polling engines which Alerts are assigned to it. To move an Alert, change the EngineID field. To get a list of Engine IDs, run this query "Select EngineID,ServerName from Engines".

Copying or duplicating an Alert from one Engine to another can also be done using the Database Manager.

To copy all Alerts from Engine ID 1 to Engine ID 3 you could run the following SQL :

SELECT 3,AlertName,AlertDescription,StartTime,EndTime,DOW,NetObjects,PropertyID,[Trigger],Reset,Sustained
FROM Alerts
WHERE EngineID=1

This selects all the Alerts from Engine ID 1 and inserts them back into the Alerts table with Engine ID 3. We have now copied the Alerts, but not the Alert Actions (Send E-Mail, SNMP Trap, NetMessage, run program, etc).

When we copied the Alerts, each Alert was assinged a new AlertID. We now need to copy the Actions one Alert at a time using this new Alert ID. We could use a similiar SQL statement to copy the Alert Actions for each new Alert.

Insert into AlertActions
Select 14,SortOrder,ActionType,Title,Target,FromAddress,TriggerMessage,ResetMessage,Extra1,Extra2,Extra3,Extra4
From AlertActions
Where AlertID=13

This statement copied the Alert Actions from the old AlertID #13 to the new Alert ID #14. This would need to be repeated (changing the 14 to the New AlertID, and the 13 to the old Alert ID) for each and every Alert that was duplicated when we ran the first SQL statement earlier.

It may be easier to copy the Alerts using the Database Manager, and then just use the Orion System Manager on the new polling engine to add new actions to the new Alerts.

One more thing.... be sure to shutdown the polling engines before making changes to the Alerts with the Database Manager. If you do not shutdown the polling engines, the database changes may not take affect.
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In regards to Alerts, can Database Manager be used to duplicate alerts from one engine to another engine? We originally had one engine and then added another. For some reason the default alerts were not installed for the new engine so to sync the new engine, we had to duplicate each default and custom alert one at a time for the new engine. This was very painful and time consuming. Is there a way to copy alerts and assign a new engine id? We're running v7.5 .

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Run the "Monitor Polling Engines" program from the "Windows Start Menu->Network Performance Monitor->Advanced Features"
Then select "Servers->Poller Load Balancing". This will let you move Nodes between servers.
Highlight all Nodes and then select "Polling Engines->Move Selected Nodes to..." from the menu.

The Alerts are a little harder to migrate.
Using Database Manager, run the following query "Select EngineID, ServerName From Engines"
This will give you a list of EngineIDs for each server.

For example, my system shows :

To migrate all Alerts to Don-Dev7, run the following Query within Database Manager.
"Update Alerts Set EngineID=3"
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