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Polling Issues with ESXi host on NPM 11.5 R2

Good Morning Everyone!

     First off happy Friday!!! So I upgraded my NPM to 11.5 and boy if it hasn't changed a lot. Took some getting use to with the alerts now web based, and tons of other upgrades you all have done. I have ran into a weird issue with my ESXi host...

     For some reason when I upgraded to 11.5 R2 the physical boxes are not being polled it seems. But, when I go into node management and select the ESXi host and test credentials for the VM environment it is working with no problems. As you can see bellow how it was last polled a long ass time ago...  With that being said all my VM's have SNMP enabled but, not the physical host "ESXi A-C". This is something I have listed as a future project that I hope to complete by Wednesday next week.


As you can see here it is successful so that doesn't seem to be the problem.


So is that why it is not polling correctly because I am only using ICMP as the polling method on the EXSi host? I thought that it used the above settings to grab all of the information far as which VM is on which host, memory, CPU, etc....

Thanks for your help!!!

Travis J

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