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Level 12

Pollers in multiple time zones

How are people handling receiving data from pollers located in different time zones?

The data from a poller in a different time zone gets written to the DB with a future date/time and is only viewable when the local date/time of the database reaches that time...has this been acceptable to people or have you adjusted all of you systems to run on a single time zone?

Has anyone done this adjustment to the DB and pollers after the fact?  What kind of issues may this present?  I'm assuming if we make this adjustment the data might have some overlap for a day or so

Is this a case where having a web site in each remote location and tying it together with EOC allows for the data to be seen on the devices in actual time without changing the time zone on each poller?



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Level 9

I know this post is too old, but for the sake of others replying to this post so that it might help others. The questions have been answered on another post

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