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Level 12

Persistent Evaluation Expired Notification

Ok I've opened a number of ticket on this issue and/or asked support about this issue and I keep getting the same non-answer which is "Ignore it as it doesn't hurt anything".

Here's the deal, for the past couple of years we've had the same same 1 product evaluation expired notification banner across the top of the screen:


Along with the evaluation ending message:


Upper management has now seen this and they're asking me to remove it.  I've explained to them that I've tried but I can't, to which they say "Call support", which I answer "I have" and relay the same message I keep getting to ignore it doesn't hurt anything.  To which upper management answers back, "so why are we paying for support answers like that" along with a few choice words that I'd rather not post on THWACK.

Since I can't get any where with support I want to try my hand with the THWACK group.

Here's my dilemma, I can't delete licences in License Manager an it's not listed on the web portal.  I thought I would be crafty an check the database to see if I can't remove it from the source.  If I use SWQL Studio I can see the problem, see below. 


As I understand you can't delete rows in SWQL Studio, but you can in Database Manager and in SQL Management Studio. However, I can't access the table in Database Manager nor can I access it via SQL Management Studio.


Any ideas on how I can delete these rows and or get ride of this evaluation notification one and for all? I'm so tired of seeing it, hearing people complain and/or notifying me of it.  Followed by explaining that I can't get rid of it and that Solarwinds support can't or won't help.

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Level 10

I've had this banner for over a year after installing an evaluation of SCM during my last upgrade. I'd uninstalled the service, ran and re-ran configuration wizards, no dice.


Today, while looking through the Advanced Configuration options for something else, I discovered these bad boys:


Annotation 2020-08-14 165936.png

Set them to zero and voila! No more banner. 🙂

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Hi Jack,

We are facing exactly the same problem with these expired messages from the High Availability feature. Can you tell us in which "Advanced Settings" you came across these parameters ?


Thanks !

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Navigate to https://<orionurl>/Orion/Admin/AdvancedConfiguration/Global.aspx and Ctrl+F to find the following:



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Level 7

Just in case anyone else has this problem.  You can uninstall the expired products via the control panel.  Here is a link to reference: Success Center

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The "Orion Scalability Engine" is what is in the notification and we have 9 licensed APEs across our environment.  I'm not sure why it is saying that a Scalability Engine Evaluation is expired.  Isn't an APE a Scalability Engine?

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Level 12

Update,  thanks everyone for your input.  Here's an update.  We couldn't uninstall the module, as there wasn't anything to uninstall and we couldn't update the database.  We decided that we needed to upgrade all of our systems to Windows 2016 so that we can update to Orion 2018 platform 2018 once all of it's bugs have been worked out.

Last Friday we did a fresh install on a Win 2016 system for our Primary Polling Engine and that resolved our issue.  So in a sense, yes we uninstalled it like it was suggested, but again there was noting to uninstall.

As of right now our management is happy that the evaluation licensing notification is gone, the users are happy as Solarwinds is now on a beefier system and my team is happy because we don't have to hear complaints.  Now we just need to update our SQL DB and wait for all the Orion 2018 issues to reside.

I have the same problem in 2019.4, so I don't think any upgrade will solve this. And 2019.4 installed Log Analyzer because some of the functionality in it has been included in NPM, but as a result I have that horrible banner that takes 200 ms to load (just that banner) and a client angry as hell that quote "we installed non licensed trial software in his environment".

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Level 11

Any luck with this? I'm in the same situation basically. It also looks pretty bad to other users logging into the system when they see an ugly banner like this at the top of the screen.

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You will need to uninstall the modules that have expired.

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The expiration banner just appeared yesterday.  I looked on the main poller and there isn't anything to uninstall.  We have licensed our APEs with valid licenses and this line for the Scalability Engine isn't and hasn't been assigned to a system.  I'm at a loss why the expiration banner just showed up yesterday.



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I have the same issue for Orion Scalability Engine Evaluation Core Expired.

This was supposed to be a Stackable APE license Trial provided but no way to delete as it was not assigned or used for 30 days.

Any way to remove this is much appreciated.


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Level 13

interesting. Can you provide the case number here?

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You need to uninstall that module from your servers, that should do the job after the configuration wizard runs.

- Marc Netterfield, Github