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Level 13

Perfstack and custom bandwidth

Perfstack does not appear to support custom bandwidth settings.

I have an interface to a WAN link that is 20MB.  The custom bandwidth is set to 20MB and is approaching 90%.

When you look at the interface on perfstack, it still show 100MB with is throwing the percentages off.

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Level 11

I am having the same issue with a 250Mbps line plugged into my Gigabit port on my router.

I have the bandwidth command on the router interface set to 250Mbps, and I can look at the Interface Details in NPM and it says:

INTERFACE BANDWIDTH 250.0 Mbps 250.0 Mbps

But when I add widgets into Perfstack from that interface, such as Transmit Percent Utilization or Receive Percent Utilization, the chart displays percentages based on Gigabit instead of 250Mbps.

How can I fix this?

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Same here and it's causing lots of heartburn. There's a faction that wants to rip out Orion and replace it with Zabbix because this is costing us lost business due to engineers that have been trusting the data at face value. 

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