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Level 11

PerfStack doesn't show node name on dashboard

Hi! I add some application components on PerfStack screen and it looks fine - I can see here Component name (Total Connections Monitor), Application name (RRAS Connections), and node which app is applied.

But when I use this widget on dashboard, there is no node info so It seems like a set of the same applications.


How to fix it?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Thanks for sharing, this is a known issue which we are tracking. This is reproducible not only within Modern Dashboards but also when using a per stack project as a widget in classic view. Non-node entities such as Applications, Application components, interfaces etc will all behave the same way and do not display the parent node name on the metric label.  


Yep the widgets don't show the parent lineage, needs to be fixed.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Level 13

Yes, I have seen that also. Bug? Feature!?!

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