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PerfStack Reports - How to add 95th Percentile

Prior to our most recent SW upgrade, the performance chart for Percent Utilization under an interface used to show the 95th percentile line and percentage if you hovered over the chart. Now with PerfStack, you can hover over either the TX or RX box and see the line for the 95th but only for about 2 seconds and with no values. I found that if you click either TX or RX off so only one of the values is shown and the 95th line shows up and stays but again it has no values.

How can I get a value in percent for the 95th Percentile to show up in PerfStack. I have a report that I run in Orion Web-Based reports that will give me the 95th Percentile in Mb for the past month, but I really need the % value back as use it for reporting metrics. Anyone have any ideas?

Is it just me or does almost every SW upgrade requires, more and more, that a user has SQL/SWQL knowledge to effectively use this product?

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So, SW is killing the old graph types, and not giving perfstack the ability to, do 95%, nor do additive information on multiple interfaces.  THIS is why I need to put more and more information into Grafana.  And what bothers me the most?  That people here are "voting" for a dark view.  not a technical feature.  basically a css.