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Over 10,000 network elements - additional polling engine help?

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Hi lovely people,

We've reached the 10,000 mark for monitored network elements and I've read that you should start looking at additional polling engines (APE) after 10,000 elements, as you could experience performance issues etc. We have a central deployment which we don't want to stray away from, I just want to add the additional engine for load balancing purposes to prevent it becoming slow etc.

Can someone answer the following questions for me, as our SolarWinds partner confused me completely.

Our set up currently is a main Solarwinds server (NPM, NTA, NCM installed) a secondary server (for the NTA database) and the database server.


Will we need an additional server? - (I was told I wouldn't and could install the additional engine on the existing server... which didn't make any sense to me.)


Will we need an extra license? if so will it need to match the existing license(s) for our different modules? - (we have NPM, NCM and NTA)

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Matt,

So let me try and answer your question.

1. You don't NEED a new server, as mentioned you can stack the license to increase the cap, but it sounds more like you want to load balance performance so I would recommend a separate Physical/VM Server.

2. The SolarWinds Additional Polling Engine (APE) is a single license it doesn't come in different sizes, it is a classified as an Additional Polling Engine (Unlimited) because it isn't tied to any of your module limits. Your individual modules (NPM, NCM etc all have separate license tiers). So it has a single SKU and a single price regardless of what modules you possess. There are some small caveats if you have VMAN or SRM as the license cost includes free Pollers for those products but you didn't list those so I won't go into it much.

I'm sorry your support partner didn't give you the clarity you need, but if you want I would be happy to speak with you over the phone and explain it in more detail? I work for an authorised UK Partner. If you would like to do that ping me a private message with your phone number and I will give you a call, or if you would prefer I will ping you mine and you can contact me directly. Hopefully, this message will be sufficient, but the offer is there regardless.

- David Smith

Kenson - SolarWinds Authorized Partner

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- David Smith

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Thanks for the reply.

So when you say I don't need an additional license... I can basically set up a new VM as the APE and use our existing unlimited license?


Level 10

APE on a new server (Virtual or Physical).

But check the All settings, polling engines page first - if the polling completion value is 100 at all times and the polling rate is not reaching max, then you dont necessarily need a new APE yet.

Level 8

We have two additional polling engines and use NPM, NCM and SAM. Both of the additional polling engines are on seperate servers. I can't see how you could do it any other way as you select which polling engine to use by server name.

Yes you require an additional polling engine license at an additional cost. I would guess pricing is different for Countries/Markets/Sectors etc so I couldn't speculate on what you would be quoted for price. But for a ballpark figure, one of our additional engines is not too dissimilar in price to the NCM renewal.

Hi thanks for your reply.

So would I still need an extra license if I already have the unlimited license for NPM?


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