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Orion upgrade to 2019.4


We need an upgrade path for Orion 2017.3 to Orion 2019.4.

We are using NPM12.2, SAM6.4, IPAM4.5.2, NTA4.2.3, WPM2.2, NCM7.7

Please assist with a simple In place upgrade plan with minimal downtime.


Note : We are having an additional web poller as well. All Pollers are running on OS2019. SQL 2017

Have gone through multiple articles of solarwinds. It looks good but confusing. So I am expecting a perfect stepwise details or video article would be helpful too. 🙂


Thank you. 





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@aLTeReGo  and @mesverrum beat me to it.  They have the right answers.

The process is simple as long as you follow each of the steps.  It's not brief, but it will get you to the current version, assuming your support contract is current.

Swift Packets!

Rick Schroeder

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Product Manager
Product Manager

You can upgrade directly from the product versions you're running on your current operating systems. The process should be fairly straightforward. Backup your database, take a snapshot of the VMs if you can, and run the upgrade on your main poller, followed by any scalability engines.