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Level 7

Orion "create alert" on a temperature "universal device poller" UNDP

Hi there I've been trying to set up a an alert for a universal device poller for a Netbotz monitoring hardware. I was able to get the OID for it and set it up and it is reporting back correctly in Fahrenheit. But I cannot figure out how to create an alert for that specific poller. I have had barely any training on Orion, so please be gentle.

Please see attached images of the chart and the UNDP

This is the info about the system from the bottom of the screen. 

Orion Platform 2019.2 HF3, IPAM 4.9.0 HF1, SAM 6.9.1, DPAIM 11.2.0, NCM 8.0, VMAN 8.5.0 HF2, NetPath 1.1.5, NPM 12.5, NTA 4.6.0, UDT 3.4.0 HF1 © 1999-2020 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Please help. 



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Level 9

You will first have to define a threshold then configure an alert.Try the following link below.

Good luck!

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Well that is one part of the puzzle that was lost under the desk.. I still have no clue what puzzle it goes too. Now that I have that now what do with it. 

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All that should remain is for you to create an alert. Under the trigger condition select that you want to alert on a "Custom Node Poller". For the trigger condition you will want you most likely use and AND condition like the example below

Custom Node Poller > Unique Name (Custom Poller) > is equal to TEMPSENSORVALUEINTF


Custom Node Poller > Current Value (Custom Poller Current Stats) > is greater than 80

The following link should help you with setting up alerts

Hopefully this helps.

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