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Orion Website issues after dotnet patching

Hi all,

I recently migrated our Solarwinds suite to a new 64 bit server. After everything was up and running, our platforms team patched the server, killing access to the Orion Website. I have narrowed it down to 2 culprits, KB3124275 and DotNet 4.6.1 SP1.

Once these are removed, dotnet4 reinstalled and the Application Package set back to v4 in IIS, we are back up and running. Anyone else encountered issues with recent MS patching?

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Also why is this not bumping up in the recent activity under NPM forum?  I've posted twice on this and it's not showing up in the recent activity under the NPM Product Forum????  Test... it's still not bumping up into recent content under NPM forum... I'm thinking people really need to see this so they don't get burned by this.

Provided a response to this question on this post.

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So wait a second!  Are you telling me NPM doesn't work with latest updates from MS???  If this is so I'm going to have to request that our main NPM instances don't get patched and what specifically from latest patch tuesday updates do I NOT want to install???  Are we saying it's mainly just the .NET 4.6.1 update that's breaking everything???

We need someone from SolarWinds to post about this...  I really can't reinstall Orion right now and have a lot going on with multiple teams using our main instance right now.


My Orion/NCM installation is running with .NET4.6.1 after I applied the patch provided by support.

All MS patches are up to date as well...

This is good to know... what is this patch all about and does it show up in the customer portal with the hotfixes and stuff???  I really don't like the sound of this.  I've requested that our Orion server not have those patches applied for now.

Has this been resolved in NPM 12.0? Does that work OK with .Net 4.6.1 without additional support patches?


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Yup, its now supported in 2016.1. See this.

hope that helps!

If I'm not mistaken, these are the patches

KB 3057154

KB 3102429

KB 3102467

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We saw the same problem. Have opened a case, but also have done a roll-back of the .NET patch to uninstall 4.6 (& 4.6.1). That action was insufficient to solve this, with the caveat that we already took the action of uninstalling SWIS and reinstalling with the Information service msi, prior to finding the .net 4.6 install and this thread.

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We got it back by finally re-installing NPM 11.5. Am pursuing the fix from support.

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I have a standalone installation of NCM 7.4 that dropped offline after .NET 4.6.1 was install.

Downgraded to .NET 4.5.2 and reset the Solarwinds application package to v4; rebooted the system and all is well.

Thanks for the post.

We are about to patch to .NET 4.6.1. Has support put out a fix and if so where would I find it?

Support does have a fix, but you will have to open a case to get the download.

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I did. From what had been stated on the requirements, if I'm not mistaken, SolarWinds is compatible with using .Net 4.5 and TLS 1.0 only

But I think support has a fix for that so that your system will be compatible with what you currently have applied..