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Orion Web Console takes minutes to initially load on Windows 2008 Server R2 x64

This is a fresh installation of Orion 10.1 on a dedicated Windows 2008 Server R2 x64 HP Blade Server. I have a dedicated SQL 2008 R2 x64 server running on a Windows 2008 R2 x64 Enterprise HP Blade Server for Orion.  Prior to the Orion 10.1 installation, IIS loads the default web site extremely quick.  Immediately after installing Orion, it takes minutes to load the Web Console.  Once the Web Console becomes available, it will be responsive until a short period of inactivity and then revert to taking a long time to load the page.  After rebooting the Orion server, it will always take at least 2 minutes to initially display the Web Console.  I have rebuilt both Blade Servers, and have also used two other Blade Servers just to see if the issue persists to different hardware, and it does.

Antivirus services are disabled on both App and SQL servers, disk queue length on the SQL server is not an issue.  Memory is not an issue.  This is happening prior to a network discovery, so there are no elements being monitored.  Installing SP1 doesn't help.  IIS is configured for 32bit mode.  I've opened a support case, and have uploaded diagnostics multiple times, no solutions offered have made any difference. 

Is anyone else out there running Orion 10.1 on Windows 2008 R2 servers and experiencing these symtoms or otherwise?

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For Customers who might be behind a proxy, or the Orion Server does not have Internet access, the problem could also be caused by proxy auto-detection. Internet Explorer is set to auto-detect proxies, then HttpWebRequest will as well, only it will auto-detect every time you create a new WebRequest instead of caching anything in a helpful manner.


This KB article talks about the issue:


Method 1:  Turn off “Automatically Detect Settings” in Internet Explorer



Method 2:  Modify machine.config to disable .Net framework from using the autoproxy feature.


You should only need to make a change here:





        <defaultProxy >

            <!-- Disable Autoproxy-->

            <proxy autoDetect="false"/>




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We are running 10.1 on Win2k8 R2.  We have a second Win2k8 R2 server running SQL 2008 (not R2).  Our experience is similar (2 minutes seems long, even to us).  We recently rebuilt our servers for the same reason, But our old servers were horrendously slow, much worse than they are now.   For us it was a combination of slow and undersized hardware.  And we wanted to go 64 bit for everything.

But with the new environment, the current lag I believe is due to the way IIS functions.  Because the code is compiled at runtime, the initial load after a restart of the Orion services or IIS is brutal.  After a period of inactivity, IIS will clean up unused processes and the web console can be somewhat slow to load again.  Don't get me wrong, I am not defending the slowness.

FWIW, a MS product - Sharepoint - exhibits this same behavior.  There are timer jobs we run to keep IIS from cleaning up once sharepoint loads.  We had talks with SolarWinds about 9 months ago and mentioned that they should add something similar to Orion.  Hopefully that happens sometime soon.

What we would really like to see is an entirely new web interface - the look can stay the same - but the feel would be updated.  We'd like to see the web page update the values and graphs without constantly refreshing the entire page.  Nothing is more distracting then that.  Imagine if your Windows / OS X / Linux apps minimized and maximized every x minutes while you were trying to work.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.  I wanted to update this thread to include SolarWinds support resolution in case others experience the same issues I reported.

Since my Orion web console was not being used heavily, IIS shuts down the worker process that handles requests from Orion's website every 20 minutes (this is the default value in IIS).

The fix was to modify this setting (which relates to Orion’s Application Pool Idle process shutdown) from 20 minutes to a longer interval.

The 2 minute wait for the Orion Web Console to initially display every time the IIS worker process terminates, was determined to be by design, even though we're running 16 core, 32GB ram blade servers.

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