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Orion - SCOM Management Pack Events and Alerts


I am working with the SCOM Management Pack for Orion, which is a neat way of integrating and sharing data with SCOM. However as the filter and message data extraction rules are locked down I am having issues sharing data in an efficient way.

The ability to control messages that integrate into SCOM is required. I see the following options:

1. Internal Orion Event Messages (with a filter mechanism would be preferable). This would allow Advanced Alerts to be created which inject messages into the Orion Event Log, which in turn is passed of SCOM

2. Advanced Alerts - Alert Sharing. This structure is suitable for replacing the Alert Description content which is currently passed with more controllable information (see screenshot)


1. I need to raise an alert within SCOM for an issue identified by Orion e.g. VPN Tunnel Active Sessions count exceeded 20

2. Alert created in Orion to look for this value threshold breach

3. SCOM receives message and knows which device is affected and what the statistical value is and 3 Custom Property values to aid filtering within SCOM

I am aware that I could utilise the Orion SDK, but this removes the benefit of the Orion SCOM MP connector with other issues that come from this option.

Is this something that can be achieved in another way or is this a feature that can be included in the SCOM MP?

Note: This is using the latest v2 MP on SCOM 2012

OrionMP_SCOM Message Structure - Annotated.jpg

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Thanks for sharing. We will try to investigate this behavior.

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Hi Michal,

Have you guys looked into the possibility of forwarding the source ip for this alert?

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