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Level 7

Orion Report Scheduler Issue

Hi Everyone

I have an issue with the Orion Report Scheduler.  When i start  the program, opens the prompt or warning.


When I press the "OK" button, the program startup is slow. It take several minutes. When was finally execute  and try to use it, the program is frozen and i can't use it.


Someone could fix this issue?

Sorry about my english, I'm from Argentina.



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Level 7

Thanks newkidd2 and rob.hock!

I will wait the new version of the NPM.

Best Regards!

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Level 17

10.7 RC takes report scheduler and moves it to the web. That would also mitigate this issue. 10.7 RC is available in your customer portal.

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Level 14


I am a bit curious as to what version of SolarWinds/Orion you're running.  Perhaps you're running an older version.  In any event, I ran a Google search for VSFlexgrid and SolarWinds and found a link that seems to apply to your issue.  It does have a fix for how to stop the error message.  Please, see the link below from the SolarWinds knoweldgebase:

I hope this helps... and, before I forget... Saludos Argentina!!! 

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