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Orion Network Summary keeps timing out

 Ok, yes I know that 9 is out, but I would liek to solve this problem w/o the upgrade if possible...

Equipment:  Both are VMs running on some Quad Core HP Blades connected to a EMC SAN via fiber.

Orion box: 2003 R2, Std Edition, SP2, 64 Bit w/ 2 3.00 GHZ VPU, 3 GB of RAM

SQL Box: 2003 R2, Std Edition, SP2, 64 Bit w/ 2 3.00 GHZ VPU, 4 GB of RAM; SQL 2005


What happens is this. Everything was going along fine except that the Network Summary screen started taking a little longer to refresh. Then, w/o any big increase in systems monitored or number of Alerts, yesterday it started giving these on the Network Summary screen:


System.Web.HttpException: Request timed out.

 We rebooted Orion and that did not good. We rebooted SQL and it helped for a while (Network Summary was zippy and responsive) but reverted after several hours. Any ideas on how to resolve?



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I'm having a similar issue, I think. Running Orion on a VM with SQL server local. Problem actually started with 8.5 and in the process of trying to fix the problem upgraded to 9.0 SP1 and problems went away. Just VMotioned the VM for maintenance and ended up with 100% CPU utilization which is causing server timeouts and 500 server errors. My errors just prior to upgrading were as above.

I'm in the process of troubleshooting right now but thought I would ask if your problems might coincide with VMotions of the Orion VM?

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 We have not been v-motioning them around, they have been on thier smae server for a while now. I will monitor the VM infrastructure more as this happens and get back to you if the hosts are hitting 100%.

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  I guess I should have done some additional searching prior to posting ... I was making an assumption that it was an issue with Orion but found out my problem is actually related to a VMware ESX issue ( link )

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