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Level 7

Orion Network Atlas - not showing interfaces

I have a map where I want to use the status of one of the interfaces (IPSEC up/down) as indicator for the link. For this customer I poll two physical interfaces (wan/lan) and IPSEC interface. In the NPM view I see all interfaces fine. But when I expand the list in Network Atlas they disappear:


All nodes here have 3 interfaces monitored. It does not matter if IPSEC interface is up or down. There are no error messages in the log file. Suggestions?


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Level 7

Same exact problem. It also seems to be intermittent and affecting several nodes.

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Level 9

I have the same problem, but only with Cisco Catalyst 6509 VSS ( Virtual Switching System).

We use these in the core and datacenter, where the most important connection are.


Anyone a solution?

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Level 7

Same exact problem. It also seems to be intermittent. Affects many, many nodes. The nodes in question have interfaces that show up perfectly OK in the Orion GUI, just not in Atlas. Wait a few days, they might show up. A few days later, they are gone again.

And of course, none of the valid l2 or L3 links between them are mapped with Connect Now. IN general , Atlas seems buggy and unreliable. Needs to be scrapped and re-written from scratch.

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