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Orion NPM showing Cisco Switch in Warning.

Hope someone from the hive mind can help.  We're installing Orion on a new platform, currently running the old one and new one side by side.

Old ver 2019.04.0608, New ver 2020.02.0828

We've scanned and added all our Cisco switches, from 3560 - 3580, 2960x's, Nexus and 6800's

Old platform is perfectly fine, New platform has an error on a single 3750 stack (other 3750's are fine).  All monitored objects on old and new are the same.

It says Node is in warning, but go through all options in Orion, nothing shows what is actually being detected as a fault (CPU/hardware-health/stack ports/port channel, uplinks and L2 topology).  The switch itself has no issues, no errors, discards, mismatches....

We've isolated the issue to the L2 topology, if we stop monitoring it the warning goes away and re-enabling the L2 monitor the warning returns.  But this is only on the new install.

Any ideas?

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Are you able to remove the switch and re-add it to Orion? 


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