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Orion NPM migration question

I need to migrate my Orion NPM and SAM from my existing Win 2008 (not R2) server, to a new Win2008 R2 server. I am following the Orion NPM Migration Reference Guide, but I have a question, even before I get started. 🙂 I want to keep the same name for the server. But obviously I need to start building it while the old one is still online. The new one will be NEWMAN014, and the current production server is MAN014. So I don't want to transfer the licenses to a new name. How do I deal with that? Can I install and import the database backup to the new server, then - as a last step - stop the old server, rename the old server to something else, rename the new server to the old name? Since the license is tied to a machine with the name MAN014, will it still continue to work?

Sorry if that seems like a silly question.

(currently: Orion Core 2012.2.0, SAM 5.2.0 SP1, NPM 10.4, IVIM 1.5,  and SQL 10.0.5512 - which is SQL Server 2008 SP3 x64)

The NEWMAN014 will have Win 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2

EDIT: So I installed NPM 10.4 on the new server, did NOT run the configuration wizard, as specified by the Guide. I am trying to restore the database, but it's not there. I see NO databases, except the system databases. What could be going on? I'm still waiting for Tech Support to get back to me.

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So I am all migrated. Odd that no one replied in any way. 🙂 But anyway, I decided to make the new server the same name and IP as the old server, so after de-activating the licenses, and re-assigning them, it all seems to work now. So this is all done.


We are upgrading to new hardware also, can I ask, what does this mean "Can I install and import the database backup to the new server"? Are you not running your SQL server to which you write your polling data on a seperate physical machine? Do you not just stop your NPM server from writing to that database then set up NPM on the new hardware then when you get the NPM up and running on the new hardware point the new installation of NPM at your SQL server and start writing to that database and start polling again? Forgive me if this sounds silly but I am a newbie and tring to get my head around this!

Also, regarding modules we have installed in our present set up such as IPSLA MGR. Where does the configuration for these modules reside? Lets say I set up an IPSLA job. The IPSLA manager goes and writes config for that job on the router so the router knows how to run the job, when we move IPSLA module over to our new hardware, will it begin to run in the same way as it did previously or will it need to be configured again? Where does this configuration reside?


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I figured out that I had to use SQL Management Studio to do the restore.  Here's a copy of a conversation I am having with Solarwinds:

I have a further question: I am migrating to new hardware, but I want to maintain the old server name. I am finishing the setup of the new server (which still has it's new name, as the current server is still in production). When I run the Configuration Wizard to use the newly restored copy of the database, it informs me that it's in use by a server with the old name (which is true). Am I correct in assuming I do want to continue with this procedure? Then, when the Configuration Wizard is done, I can stop the services on the old server; rename and renumber it's IP address. Then I will rename the new server to the same name and IP address.

At that point, I should have a server with the correct name, IP address and installed NPM and SAM, with a restored copy of the database. I can then re-install the license.

Is there anything else I need to look out for?

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