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Orion NPM (2019.v4) Website Load Balance Toolbar Issue

Hello All,

We currently stood up a new instance of Orion NPM (2019.v4) in our NA environment. It consists of 1 main polling engine and 2 additional engines as well as 1 additional web engine.

Using our NetScaler device I would like to load balance the 2 Orion web pages creating a VIP (not to be confused with the HA software) called
HTTP://Orion , this way if one site goes down users will be directed to the secondary site. This seems to work however the issue we are running into when accessing the load balanced site (traffic being routed through NetScaler) is the main tool bar seems to disappear.

We previously were F5 load balancing without any issues.

I will post a picture for reference.

Has anyone else experienced this issue before?






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Hi Matt, I had this issue just recently when trying to use a custom port from our LB, for some reason it didn't like it and we had to roll back to 443. Might be worth checking if your LB does anything similar in terms of port changes from the NetScaler to the IIS.

- David Smith
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Thank you dgsmith80. Once we configured the Orion website to use SSL cert and configured NetScaler to use port 443 our issue with the toolbar has been resolved.

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Not had this issue yet, I am in the process of bringing up 3 additional Web Servers (AWS), total of 4 AWS.

the link that I give my users is

But I have had problems between the primary and AWS

you may want to dig into the use of this table, not sure it may be just for links 


Not Sure

But like I said, we are bring 3 AWS so . . . . .

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