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Orion MFA?

my organization is wanting to enable MFA for users logging into the Orion web console. We have already enabled SAML enabled to login via Azure AD. when i look in Azure Conditional Access, MFA is applied, but i never get a prompt when i Login with Azure AD:




Am i missing something? is this even possible? i can't seem to find a recent clear answer on thwack.



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With SAML it opens up an entirety of possibilities as the authentication is handled by the iDP (identity provider) and once the use is authenticated, refers them back to the service provider (SolarWinds in this case.) I only use SAML without MFA, but I know it’s just a matter of configuration in our iDP to enable it if we chose to as MFA is used elsewhere.

Thought I’d chime in even though I don’t know specifically anything Azure AD and MFA. Have you tried reviewing the documentation from Microsoft? The link below has links to the official document as well.

Good luck and I hope this can help!
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