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Orion 2019.4 Installation error - TFTPServer Fatal error during installation


Installing Orion 2019.4 with following modules NPM, NCM. IPAM, LA, SAM, SRM, VMAN, ETS.

Orion installation failing and giving below error.

SolarWinds TFTPServer - Fatal error during installation.

Any idea from anyone ?

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The another way it was solved was by allowing internet access to SolarWinds Orion Server, looks like this TFTPServer error popping up mostly in Orion 2019.4 offline Installation file.

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Hello can you try the resolutuon steps inside this KB article if these do not work please open a case.

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Thanks, Yes did it yesterday itself as laid out in article and was able to proceed in installation. The installer used was Orion 2019.4 HF1.

But again today we use same installer file to deploy our APE-1. We faced same error during installation and got stuck badly now as we did same steps of article on APE and restarted server, now the Orion Installer it self is not started.


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I was getting the same error after following the kb artical when i used new installation .

I tried "resume installation " and I was able to go ahead with installation. 

What was the solution you applied to orion error while installation . 

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This seems to be a different issue from the other one did you follow the steps on the KB that the installer referenced?

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Having the same issue when upgrading to NCM 2020.2. The regedit did not fix the issue. Any ideas? Thanks.
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I found the solution.

Open regedit. Navigate to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control.

Add new DWord(32) with the name of ServicesPipeTimeout.

right click on ServicesPipeTimeout and modify.

click Decimal and type 180000 for the value. restart the server and resume installation.

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