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Level 7

Operational status showing "testing" status

I'm getting an undocumented "feature" in my interface details page... under operational status... it's showing "testing".. which I've never seen before.  I can't find anything that documents what this means and under what conditions it should appear.

It's not updating differently during the next poll cycles... so I'm a bit confused...

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Level 11

Being worked in support - Will post a resolution when it becomes available....

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I am running 10.1 and I am having the same issue. It has been a little over 3 years is support still working this ticket?

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Please open a Support ticket and they will help you out.




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Upon opening a support ticket would you please post back here with your ticket #?  This way those who are experiencing this can easily reference your # to support.  Also, please keep us updated with your progress.


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Level 11

What version are you using?

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