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Open view in NOC mode on startup. Auto login.

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I have seen discussions about this but haven't found something that works for me yet.

I have a Linux (Ubuntu) PC that I want to set up to run a monitor screen (just an information screen). Ideally I want it to auto-login at startup.

So in my autostart settings I have been trying:

/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --start-fullscreen

Google starts ok but I just get the Login screen.

I also tried:

/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --start-fullscreen


I don't want to get into mucking around with setting up Views/changing account settings... mainly because I'm not an Orion administrator and the chap who is is very busy! So if there's a simple way to do it via URL it would be great. (The view has been created for the user I am logging in as)

It seems like pasting this URL into the browser bar works as I want it to:

But if I run from the command line it just goes to the login screen:

/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --start-fullscreen

So maybe I'm missing a command line option?

Any help much appreciated.


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When trying to use command line to connect to Orion using AccountID and Password, I have found the password seems to get jumbled or dropped. What I did was create shortcut or bookmark that includes the full URL with the AccountID and Password, then use the command line to open that.

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Any idea what the resolution was - Dead link  

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Thank you, ok I'll ask our admin if he can set that up, will mark as correct answer. I'm still intrigued as to whether it is possible to login using the method I was trying though, if anyone else has managed it?...

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Log in to Orion and go to the page you want, to open with username/password:

i.e. http://DOMAIN/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=122&isNOCView=true

Copy that URL, then close all browser windows.

When you try and visit that page again, it'll ask you to log in, but will give you the 'ReturnURL' part:

i.e. http://DOMAIN/Orion/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fOrion%2fSummaryView.aspx%3fViewID%3d122%26isNOCView%3dtrue&ViewID=122&isNOCView=true

Not sure why it duplicates the ViewID=122 and NOCView=true, but anyway.

Then, add the username/password into the URL :

i.e. http://DOMAIN/Orion/Login.aspx?AccountID=USERNAME&Password=PASSWORD&ReturnUrl=%2fOrion%2fSummaryView.aspx%3fViewID%3d122%26isNOCView%3dtrue&ViewID=122&isNOCView=true

When it loads, it'll log in and then take you directly to the page you want.

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