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Level 9

One or more Ports have state: Down.

Just up until recently I have variety of nodes that show a red dot over a green dot under "All Groups" of the Summary Home Page. However there are no check marks next to the ports when I go to the nodes "List Resources".

Any thoughts why many nodes would report One or more Ports have state: Down?

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Are you using UDT module? If so, it takes the port-status information from UDT.

To eliminate it,  open your SolarWinds Database with SQL Management Studio,  go to dbo.NodeChildStatusParticipation    table, and edit the Enabled field to false value on Orion.UDT.Port  record

Level 9

Got the same problem, your solution Fixed it. ironclad757 Should mark it as correct answer.

Thanks samiraliyev!

Level 9

Case #390850 - "non-monitored interfaces showing down"

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