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One Million Elements!!

Morning Thwacksters! 

Just perusing the 2020.2 release notes again, and did anyone get this vibe from them: 

Doctor Evil Announces The New Orion Platform's Reach To The World!Doctor Evil Announces The New Orion Platform's Reach To The World!




Just a bit of fun to help alleviate the anxiety many are feeling during these trying times. Stay safe, Thwacksters!


- Jez Marsh
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Has anyone tried one million elements yet? What was your experience like doing so? What kind of specifications did it require? Did you have to make any big adjustments to the Orion environment to get it to work? I imagine the database would have to be very high-performing.

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Level 9

Do I still need additional Pollers to get over the artificial limit set on them?

Level 12

It seems I may be the rare person that has never seen that film but knows exactly what the meme is about because so many sahre / talk / etc about it 🙂

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