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Object Status is Up, one or more child objects are in Down state.

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Just applied the latest SR 10.2.2, hoping that the bug, where objects in a map have a red dot on them has been addressed but the issue remains...
Any ETA on when this issue would be addressed? The false positives presented in the maps are causing alot of confusion and panic!

Just to confirm, I did already double check that no child objects have any faults either, therefore a status rollup is not the culprit.
The issue is current on any map, in any module. Lastly, creating a quick basic map with the same nodes still shows the nodes/objects as having one or more objects in a down state.


1 Solution

For those of you that don't see the Orion.UDT.Port line in the table after an upgrade to NPM v10.3, you'll have to manually add it.

Here's the SQL query:

insert into NodeChildStatusParticipation (EntityType, ModuleName, Enabled, Installed)
values ('Orion.UDT.Port', 'UDT', 0, 1)

Thanks Jamie

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I'm re-opening an old case - 291925 about this issue.  I will escalate from that side.

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new case:  Case #323286

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Thanks for the effort Larry.

Very much appreciated! Hope we get to the bottom of this soon.

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Yet another case:



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gotcha.  additional web is $400 list.  off-loads that from main poller and allows this workaround.  Don't know your situation but might be worth it for now.

Regardless, this needs to be fixed!  good luck.

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