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Level 12

Not seeing nodes with interfaces that are down in nodes with problems window?

It used to be the case that I could see nodes that were up themselves but had an interface that was down in my nodes with problems window. Now I've just missed an interface that was down on a node that was up because it wasn't showing in my 'nodes with problems' window at the moment I have a filter on that window that looks like this

NCM_Group <> 'Test' AND NCM_Group <> 'Test Servers' AND IP_Address <> '' AND IP_Address <> ''

We've recently upgraded and I have recently changed that query above but I just replaced group names and IP's?

Why aren't I seeing nodes with an interface that's down in that window anymore? I used to see a green status circle with a little red circle beside it to indicate an interface was down on a node that was up. How can I set this up again?

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