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Nokia SNMP statistics problems: Interface speed and memory

We have a dozen or so Nokia firewalls (IP530 and IP710 mostly) and all have some issues with discovery/SNMP.  There are two issues:

1) Since upgrading from v8 to v8.5.1, discovery has stopped identifying the interface bandwidth correctly.  Now, all of these FW interfaces are being discovered as 100Kbps instead of 100Mbps.  I have gone through on each one and set the "Custom Bandwidth" and manually specified the bandwidth in the GUI (a laborious process) only to have the values overwritten by NetPerfmon.  I also tried stopping the NetPerfMon service and using queries to set the interfacespeed, inbandwidth, outbandwidth, and custombandwidth fields in the DB.  Again, NetPerfMon overwrote the values with 100Kbps.   This effectively makes our bandwidth monitoring for these devices unusable. 

 2) Our Nokia devices frequently show memory utilization over 100%.  I have tried with 65bit counters enabled and not enabled to no avail.  This issue has persisted from version 7 through 8.5.1.


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I'm having the same issue with a nokia IP390 except only on the memory usage dail on the node details page. The figure it is reading is 101%, I believe that it is using 100% instead of 0% and going up from there. We are running the latest release for 8.5.1 including all the latest MIB's. I have just selected the 64bit counters option, but am unsure as to how long it will take the results to show.

 If this is not the solution does anyone else have any other suggestions? 



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