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Nodes down with extra information


I'm in the process of trying to create a more useful nodes down page.  I've got a custom view setup and working but I need to try to improve the workflow.  I've got it showing the node, time it went down, and a notes field.  I'm looking for a way to make it easy to edit the notes field without having to navigate into the node detail page and then edit the properties from there.   I created a nodes down resource and was able to get data source and tables created but I'd like to be able to add one with an edit button that will allow you to edit the custom properties of that node.  Is that possible?


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Can you please can you please tell me how you managed to get the "time it went down" to show? basically all I am after is Node Name, Node Down Status, IP Address and time it went down?

Can you please share your current setup?



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Hi Hitesh,

I created a Custom Table object and was able to filter it down to the type of nodes I wanted to see.  I added Node Name and Event Time. Event time gave me when the down happened.  I had it filtered to only show nodes that were down. We also added a notes custom property so that someone could put a quick note in so that everyone could see someone worked on it.

I never was able to figure out a way to add any type of edit button for the custom property but people were were happy with it the way it was.

Hope that helps.

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