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Nodes added to NPM by "network sonar" showing up as added by user "system", instead of the actual user.

Is there a way we can change this behavior to reflect the username of the account that is actually adding the node(s)?

I have a few reports that track user activity for node and interface management (adds/deletes), but this only seems to be accurate for nodes/interfaces added individually.

When a user adds a range of new devices/nodes, through network sonar, the reports do not reflect the newly added device count towards that user, yet the user "system" appears to see the difference instead.

I have been meaning to get around to this for some time now, but it simply has not been at the top of the list.



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The behavior is in the code.  To get it changed, you'd need to submit a feature request and get the user community behind it.

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I reckon I just do not understand why it would do that in the first place.
If user-a adds 10 nodes, each node separately, then the logs show user-a has added 10 nodes.

if user-b adds 10 nodes, all at the same time using network sonar, then the logs show user-b has added 0 nodes, while system has added 10.

I do not understand how in the world that is useful.

Oh well, looks like I will put in for a future feature request. Hopefully I can get enough votes on it to be fixed in the next several years or so...

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I agree the behavior is not very useful.  I think it's just a matter of fact that behind the scenes it is the system account performing the function as a result of the network sonar discovery and we did not reassign the action to the user who logged in to start the network sonar scan.  I hate to think this would take years to fix, but on the flip side of the coin, everything takes time.  Would you rather SolarWinds work on this item (even if it may not take that much time) or work on the top voted feature requests?  The choice to me is clear, even though it bothers the perfectionist in me.

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Personally, I would prefer SolarWinds to work on this item.  As the top voted feature requests go, I believe there are a handful of requests with more votes than any other, that have been there for several years and still no sign of implementation. So yes, I would want SolarWinds to work on this item, as they have still not done much for those top voted requests to date.

And yes, we all know you guys are busy working on new versions and features, but there is also a tremendously large user base that has been waiting patiently for certain things to happen for a very long time now.

Keep up the good work, but please do not lose focus on us users...


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