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Node with Static IP being marked with Dynamic on import


I have noticed that nodes that are being imported via Network Discovery are being marked with "Dynamic IP Address (DHCP or BOOTP)" even though the server is setup with a static IP address. I am trying to find the cause of this as it is making the DNS value in the node details not to populate. Since we use the DNS value as part of a Dynamic Query for the group this value not being populated is resulting in servers not being added to the right group and thus not getting the correct alerts. Any assistance in identifying why that option is being selected on node import would be great. I am having to uncheck the "Dynamic IP Address (DHCP or BOOTP)" checkbox currently to get servers in the correct group.

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I haven't tried it, but if it was me I'd be checking the db to see what changes when I uncheck that box and then write a script that does that in bulk. It might be as simple as setting dhcp = false but I'd want to test it out to be sure, could have extra steps that I'm not aware of
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Are you by chance doing discover by scanning AD groups? 

From what I have observed in the past, if you manually do a discovery and enter an IP address it gets added as a static IP, dynamic is unchecked.  

If you enter a hostname it will show up with the dynamic box checked.  AD scans use hostnames as well.



- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I can confirm that I am scanning based on Active Directory OUs. I would like to continue to do that as this is a very effective way of only importing in the server nodes that I am interested in monitoring. As I mentioned my issue is when the "Dynamic IP Address (DHCP or BOOTP)" box is checked the DNS value never gets updated with the FQDN of the node, which is needed for the dynamic query to add the node to the needed group(s). To be specific the query is looking for a dns name that ends with <domain> (sub.domain.lcl). But what I have found is that the DNS value for the node does not get populated unless Dynamic IP Address box is unchecked. Is ther any other way of getting the DNS value to populate that you are aware of?


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