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Node up/Down Poll by node host name and not through IP address

Dear Community,

As my environment demands,, the default ICMP polling based on Host IP need to be changed to Polling based on Hostname, And i found below information i support central which add value to the topic

Success Center

Issue: User when the trying to login using hostname, the servers are not responding, while we use IP, the server is Pinging and responding. Due to which users are facing problem with their application communication.

Options to avail : Change Solarwinds Polling similar to user - Hostname polling.

But would like it understand how it works, as it interact with DHCP

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When you check the box for hostname based polling it will grey out the IP field and have a box where you would type in the DNS name you want the poller to send requests.  Once you set that then instead of going directly to the IP it will perform DNS lookups from the polling engine to whatever DNS server it has configured.  If the polling engine cannot resolve the name then the node cannot be polled, if it can then you are good.  Pretty straightforward.

This thread goes into more detail

Why does NPM store the IP rather than use DNS

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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