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Level 12

Node stays as unknown after re-managing

Anyone ever encounter this issue.

I have a server that I UN-managed.  When the work was finished I re-managed said node without issue.  Well the node never comes out of the unknown state.  It just sits and sits and sits, no amount of rediscover or poll now brings it back.  When I check on the agent status it does show as connected.   I restarted the agent service on the node as well as the services on the polling engine associated to the node; alas it does not work.

I really don't want to delete the node and re-add it but will if that is my only chance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 16

You could try just reading the node and see what happens you will get this warning message.


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Level 20

Yeah deleting the node would mean losing all the nodes historical data.

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Hi, Have you checked to make sure the node isn't part of a child dependency? That would change the node to unreachable.

- David Smith
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Hi, I have checked it and it is not a child.

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