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Node name determination


I'm a recovering HP OV/Ciscoworks addict.  I guess you could say I saw the light...

Anyhow being new to Solarwinds, I was wondering how NPM determines teh node name?  If SNMP is running, it apparently uses the sysname.  But if it can't retrieve SNMP data, it uses the IP.  What I would like to use is the DNS short name (not the FQDN).  Any way to do this?

Many thanks.


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It's probably years too late to help . . .

See if this document I created helps:

How to trim, remove, or truncate domain names discovered and displayed in NPM 11.5.2 and NCM 7.4

Swift Packets!

Rick Schroeder

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Product Manager

How many of these devices do you have?  One way to do this is within the Web Console go to Admin -> Manage Nodes -> Check the device that you want to change -> select Edit Properties and change the value under Name and click submit

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For me 'Manage Nodes -> Check the device that you want to change -> select Edit Properties and change the value under Name and click submit' doesn't work.  I can't change them at all, or if I do, they are overwritten with the next poll.

I'm just a noob here, but I can't seem to find the answer to what I think is a very basic question.

What I have:

An unknown node that comes up as an IP address.

What I want:

Change that node so that it comes up with the actual name of the appliance and doesn't go back to the IP address after the next poll.

Well, that'll do for a start. 


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Thanks for the response.  This is the pocess I've been using, but with 1,000s (6500+) devices, the process gets old real quick.  As I stated, I'm a recovering HP NNM admin and I could modify the naming scheme then rediscover.  I was hoping to find this ability on NPM.

Please keep the options coming.  Anyone write a script that could do this?


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You could do this by running an SQL query against the Nodes table in the database.  The DNS field in the Nodes table contains the FQDN for each node that NPM was able to resolve a name for.  The query below will take the information in the DNS field, remove the domain information, and then update the Caption field with the truncated DNS name.  The Where clause in the query limits the query to only those nodes that are type ICMP.   This keeps the query from updating the Caption field for nodes that are being polled with SNMP.

Keep in mind that with the way the query is currently written, all nodes with ObjectSubType of ICMP will have their Caption fields updated.  If you have manually changed a nodes name to something other than the short DNS name, then your manual change will be overwritten.

Also, it's always a good idea to backup your database before making bulk changes with SQL queries.

This query will display the devices in the nodes table that have an ObjectSubType equal to ICMP (this means they are not polled with SNMP). 

select Caption, DNS, SysName, ObjectSubType from nodes where ObjectSubType = 'ICMP'





This query will update the Caption field in the nodes table with the information from the DNS field.

SET caption = (SELECT RTRIM( SUBSTRING(DNS, 1,((Select CASE WHEN (CharIndex ('.', DNS) > 0) THEN (CharIndex ('.', DNS)-1) ELSE (LEN(DNS)) END )))))
where ObjectSubType = 'ICMP'