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Node is not polling correctly resulting in them having Unknown Interfaces

I have a couple of devices that isn't polling properly so they have unknown interfaces, according to the owner these are secondary devices and has the exact same SNMPv2c configuration as the primary one. However its only these secondary devices that arent polling properly (it shows test failed when i validate) despite having the same community string.

Are there other things I can check to know why it won't poll properly

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Is the second device a failover device?  ie: it only becomes fully active when the primary fails?

If so, you probably need to manage it via an OOB (out of band) management port, and even that might not get great results.  Sometimes managing a failover pair can be challenging.  But, before I get to far along with this I should await your answer!

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Just got a reply back from the owner, and one of the device is a standalone switch while the other is a redundancy wireless controller

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So, when you say redundancy wireless controller, is that in a failover mode where it doesn't become active until the primary fails?   Usually if its this way, there will be a VIP (virtual IP) and while both the primary and secondary controllers have an IP of their own, it doesn't mean the second one is fully alive.   Sometimes they only have a fraction of their services running and might not respond to SNMP as a result.  ie: if SNMP isn't running, that's pretty easy.  If SNMP is running, but routing isn't happening, then might only be able to communicate at Layer-2.

Best to find out more details and get in touch with the manufacturer and find out if there is anything you should know.

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I would ask the owner to send you a screenshot of the community string of those devices.

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I did and I saw for myself that it was the same string

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