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Level 7

Node has stopped responding (Request Timed Out) in NPM

Hi Team,

I am receiving Node XXX has stopped responding (Request Timed Out) event in solarwinds but no node down event/alert for one of my network device.

Due to which alert is not triggered and corresponding incident is not raised.

Can some one check and let me know  

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In addition to what @ioan_bucsa mentioned, check that the node was actually seen as down in Orion, and also check how your problem node is calculating it's status.

If the node was listed as down in your events, then a node down alert should have triggered. Check your alert trigger conditions, just in case you're using custom properties to include/exclude nodes from the scope of the alert, and this node just happens to have it's CP's set incorrectly, which is excluding it from your alert. 

Also, if the node was not listed as down, check If you have it's node status calculated by SNMP, other than the default ICMP-based status. You can have situations where ICMP is not responding, but SNMP is still working. In fact, this is the reason why the option to change from ICMP to SNMP-based status exists 🙂

Let us know how you get on!

- Jez Marsh
Level 11

It could be that your alert is set up to be triggered X minutes after the node went down (i.e. the 'Node stopped responding event') and the node does not remain down long enough to meet the requirement. 

Check your alert definition (trigger condition) and the event history (node up/down events and the time between corresponding pairs). 

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