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Node down but want it to show as a warning vs critical

 I have a bunch of nodes which are UPS'.  I have been asked that when they are powered off they are set to a warning status vs critical.  How can I do this?  Is it the polling cycle that needs an adjustment or some other avenue to approach.  



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Node Status is determined by ICMP or SNMP response. Should a node stop responding it will 1st go to a warning state and being fast poling for 120 seconds, after which time if it fails to respond, will be marked as down. The warning interval can be configured globally only. A critical node is one that is reachable but has breached a threshold such as response time / CPU Load. 


To change the status of a node as you describe would require the use of the 'Set Custom Status' alert action.

alert action.png